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COOL! A paper Moving Offline newsletter would be amazing!

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AI cannot replace the human experience, but the powers that be really want us to think that it can. Always love your posts, thank you!!

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I emailed you about a guy who I have learned a great deal from - like yourself. Scott Scheper.

Out of respect - I am not going to post his link etc.

But he started a Paper Newsletter. It costs $ - but he delivers huge value.

I thought it might be of interest and you could learn from his process.

If you email me back with your address - I will send you a copy of his last edition so you can see what he is doing.

Terry Grier

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What a clever idea to move to hsed copy writing. It sounds difficult in today's world. As an international reader, I'd still appreciate some way to access your writing online..... Unless you can send to Papua, Indonesia.

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Feb 20, 2023·edited Feb 20, 2023

Hi Jose! I guess you could say I’m a huge fan- back when I didn’t even know that “moving offline” was a thing, I found your videos while researching dumb phone (because my smart phone was giving me a headache and I swore it was making me sadder). It was great to find your channel because everyone told me to just have more self control with my device, you can’t just not have a smart phone, but you made me realize it can be possible!

Anyways, I few months ago I got a dumb phone with a separate line so that I could take breaks from my smart phone. That’s been awesome, but it’s a Nokia 6300 and for some reason the mobile hotspot sucks and is unreliable. The network I’m using is Mint Mobile, and I’m pretty sure they’re not the problem?This has been a big bummer because I really wanted to test out having a dumb phone and a tablet to supplement (w/ the dumb phones hotspot) when needed.

My current tablet is starting to be obsolete (thanks, Apple) so I’m thinking ahead to buying one that could receive the same texts my dumb phone gets when on wifi (kind of like iMessage, if that is possible ). Basically so that I wouldn’t have to use the dumb phone to respond to every text, let’s be real it can get pretty frustrating.

So I was just wondering if you have any advice on a tablet that could pair with a dumb phone, or any input of a dumb phone with a more consistent hotspot.

Thanks so much!! Sorry to leave the question on your article, I wasn’t sure how to reach you but please let me know if there is a better way for you. I love the newsletter btw!

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