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Really appreciate your thoughts here, much of what I have been debating with myself for years, as I recognized how we have all slowly and unconsciously become slaves to our devices that were once increasingly brilliant in their utility.

Having debated dumbphones, owned a few in the past, and eventually switched back to smartphones as they were critical for me to connect with family and work functions, I have always aimed to have the smaller phone there it, which two years ago for me was the pixel 4a.

Foldables could be a good solution as you can fold it away and the screen isn't staring at you right in the face. However my search within digital minimalism slowly leading me towards smaller and smaller phones as I discover they are available straight out of China.

As I have become accustomed to and appreciate functions like GPS, NFC and being able to Google search when out shopping to see if something is better priced elsewhere, I can't see my self giving up these functions.

The small phones such as the Cubot, jelly 2's and palms of the world have opened me up to a possibility that is real! I can continue to have the functions I need, on very capable devices, that won't suck away all of my attention simply because the screen is too small to enjoy for prolonged media consumption. And with the added benefit that they are small and light in the pocket so I don't feel encumbered with a slab in my jeans

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This is it. This. Well said. Bravo

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