Man, I can attest to the paper planner instead of keeping it on your digital device... I've been bullet journaling in a very simple productive manner for the last 6 years and it's amazing what keeping your life on paper can do as far as focus and distractions. Thanks for the post, Jose.

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I found you when I was trying to go flip phone - still have my iphone 12. But I do not use social media - deleted all of my accounts - except Youttube - which I guess is still a social media? I do not log in on my phone tho .. which helps a good deal.

Anyway, I enjoy your writing here. It feels like a nice stretch for you and you are killing it with thoughtful and powerful insights.

I think you would enjoy exploring an analog ZettelKasten (sp) - search on You tube for Scott P. Scheper - he has some amazing tutorials that align with your way of thinking.

PS. You helped inspire me to start my own substack as well.

Keep the writing coming.


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