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May 2, 2023Liked by Jose Briones

A thoughtful article. As a parent, the smartphone question is simple. NO. Personally, the digital literacy argument is not sufficient. Technology is designed to be so easy to use these days that it's addictive. My children are still young and when they pick up a tablet of a family member or a video game of a cousin they figure it out instantly. We do not have what I call "personal devices" (ipads/phones/handheld gaming systems) for our kids. We have a shared media center which is a TV connected to a PC where we watch some shows. They will be guided in age appropriate use of the internet on a computer as they get older. I mean, the internet is an amazing resource for learning after all! We won't totally be depriving them of technology but it's obvious they thrive without it. When they are older and as need arises (see the word NEED not want) we might consider a call only type phone. As if it were a landline but I don't even know if those exist in my area anymore. I'll stop here but I'm passionate on this topic and I hate to see the depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues in friends and families kiddos who are growing up in this era of everyone having a phone. (oh and yes, parents leading by example is key.)

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