The electric bike seems like such a great consideration! Do you worry about the safety of riding it on the roads where you live? I live in a bigger city and although there are a lot of e-bikes and scooters, the drivers around here don't seem to take them very seriously. Just wondering if that is something you worry about or if it has seemed pretty safe so far?

I also have 3 kids so not sure an e-bike would be my best option...ha!

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Nov 3, 2022Liked by Jose Briones

This is really interesting! I think a great takeaway from this is an intentionality with your lifestyle and understanding needs and wants. When I was younger and lived in town (and didn't have kids lol) I rode my bike to save money on car insurance and gas. I lived 5 miles from my job and they let me park my bike in the warehouse, so it worked out great. It was before e-bikes were a thing. Riding a bike is so peaceful. Now that I have kids and live in a more rural area, my family has 2 cars. But they're older, and we don't have payments. (otherwise we'd only have 1 car) I am a firm believer in using older cars, saving the cash and not having a car payment. I recommend renting different styles of bikes from a shop if you can to pick one you like! I have a hybrid bike - it's sort of a commuter, but sort of okay for basic off road. (gravel, flat trails, etc.) and I love the darn thing. It's not as "cool" looking as a commuter bike or a mountain bike but it fits, it was pretty cheap and I've ridden a couple thousand miles on it at least. Anyway, the intentionality of the decisions you make on your bike vs. car is a really important insight. Thanks for the article!

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