May 8 • 2M

Moving Offline Podcast Update

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Jose Briones
Discussions and short thoughts about Digital Minimalism. Interviews from time to time.
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Happy Monday everyone. Hope that you're having an amazing day. This is going to be a very short podcast. I am now accepting new guests for the Moving Offline podcast. I want to make sure to display a lot of positive and great stories from people and I want to have the ability to do that. And because of that, I have opened up three ways to do so. The first one is a SpeakPipe where you can share your story and I'll be featuring it in my hopefully weekly podcast now that I start in the summer. Now there will be some solo podcasts for myself and also you can submit it in writing.

So if you have a question about productivity, digital, minimalism, and you want my advice or ideas that I can gather from the internet that may help you, then make sure to put them in the correct place. So if you want to do text, there's a SurveyMonkey. If you want to do it spoken, there's a speak pipe kind of apps that allow you to do so. And if you want to come on the show but don't have a lot of time, I also have a way to do it asynchronously so we don't have to do it on the same time, and I also have a way to record it synchronously. If you want to sit down with me for 30 minutes and then we can talk about your experience and display some of this stuff from the podcast to different listeners, wherever you're listening. So just a small note, check out the resources in the description of this podcast and in the email that accompanies it. And thank you for listening. Hope you have a great rest of your week.

Be productive, be in the mindset, and always remember to make a plan in order to achieve your goals. Thank you for listening to this little podcast. Have great day.