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Digital Fatigue (2 Suggestions to beat it)

Digital Fatigue (2 Suggestions to beat it)

Eat your meals mindfully. Go for a walk!

The Future is Analog (Book Link)


 Today I have a short podcast where I would like to speak to you about digital fatigue. Digital fatigue is the reality that you don't want to go to the zoom meeting, you don't want to check your email. Again, you feel like your phone is overwhelming you. It's just the reality in which we live in a post-pandemic world, but it doesn't have to be so.

So today I'm going to share two things that you can do to reduce your digital fatigue. Every day this digital fatigue is felt throughout your day. You feel fogginess in your brain. You don't feel like you can escape the content creation cycle, having to check with your loved ones on WhatsApp, or Signal or iMessage, whatever online platform.

You don't have peace because you are constantly pinged again and again and again. It's a terrible feeling, but we don't have to live in digital prison all the time. The first thing that I want to encourage you to do is to eat your meals without your phone or without any other device. We have gotten conditioned to fill our every single empty space with the digital entertainment of the platforms online.

So let it be Twitter, let it be Netflix, let it be catching up with friends and. But we need to do more things just by ourselves or even have a conversation with a coworker. But that doesn't involve any phones, and it doesn't involve work. It's just a conversation. Human to human, maybe with a loved one. If you can with your spouse or with your girlfriend or boyfriend or anyone.

That is very important in your life. You can sit down, go to a restaurant and not have to look at your phones, but just look at each other, and have a conversation. And enjoy the meal. We have gotten used to this exploitation and ability to be overwhelmed all the time by the digital pleasures of the world, that we forget that we need time just to be with ourselves, and enjoy the meal that is in front of us, and that's it.

So I want to encourage you to do that, to go about your day every day and every time you have a meal, just to enjoy the. Or even enjoy a meal with somebody else without any kind of device interruption. That's the first thing. The second thing that I wanna say is go and intentionally plan time throughout your day.

Maybe 30 minutes, maybe even 15 minutes to take a walk. So we are in front of computers. Maybe you work and you do content creation and social media scheduling. Maybe you are also doing a lot of other things, email or whatever it is, whatever assignments you have if you're in school. You need time where you can just walk and be bored.

That is very important. It's another thing that could contribute to reducing the digital fatigue. Instead of being in front of devices and computers, you engage with nature. You take a walk with your dog. Or maybe I walk with your cat. If your cat is one of those that can be walked, whatever it is, just take time today and every day to go on a walk.

Do not take any device. Do not listen to a podcast. No, it's just you and your thoughts. And that can be weird in the beginning, but it gets better over time. If you want to connect with another human being during this time, maybe go to a park and just tell the person, Hey, just leave your phone in the car.

We're just gonna go for a walk and let's just talk. And that way you have meaningful interactions that are analog. We are made for those interactions with people, and we have. Forgotten about it. So it's very important for us to have it. So there you have it. Two suggestions that I have for you today. Eat your meals by yourself or with somebody else, but with no devices.

And go on a walk for 15 minutes a day. It's just a start. It doesn't have to be two, three hours a day of walking or having a meal for an hour. No. Just enjoy what you have and reduce that digital fatigue. If you wanna learn more about this concept, I'm going to point you to a book that I've been listening to since yesterday.

It's called The Future is Analog by David Sax, and it's just a book that I enjoy and I really love because he's explaining this concept of digital fatigue with different words. Of course, not with the exact term, but this, this idea that the future is going. Forward without the digital world, and we are re-engaging with other people and that the digital world is still gonna be here, but it's not going to be the only thing that controls our every moment of attention, but that there are other things that are coming and that are better suited for how we work as human beings.

So the future of. Is Analog by David Sachs is an excellent book. Read it, listen to it, or whatever you prefer. It's an excellent book. I'll put um, a link in the show notes or in the email if you're receiving this as a newsletter. And again, thank you for your support. Thank you for listening. Hopefully, these two suggestions will help you reduce that digital fatigue and will help you live a better life.

Thank you for listening. I'll see you in the next podcast.

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